What is dynamic simulation?

  • Physical flows describe the movement of goods and services within all or part of a system. These can be packages and pallets in an automated warehouse, or passengers in an airport.
  • Dynamic simulation allows the reliable and accurate prediction of the performance of production and logistics systems in relation to business needs.
  • Dynamic simulation is also a privileged test environment for diagnosing systems and testing optimisations.

For a successful dynamic simulation

  • Have an excellent understanding of the logical processes of the system, i.e. knowledge of the decision points and the rules that apply to them.
  • Build up clean data representative of the intended activity of the system, ideally directly from the system or a similar activity.
  • This provides the ingredients for a model that is as close as possible to the real system, which is the only way to guarantee the fidelity of the analysis.

Upstream and downstream of projects

  • Prediction of system performance,
  • Testing of multiple scenarios,
  • Understanding and visualisation of system operation,
  • Dynamic 3D graphical representation,
  • Anticipation of blocking points,
  • Identifying areas for improvement and testing optimisations,
  • In all fields: automated and conventional warehouses, automated storage and handling systems, order preparation systems, automotive production lines, airport flows, etc.

Our experience on many fronts

  • SDZ ProcessRéa has an experience in dynamic simulation with discrete events, in particular via the mastery of the Witness Horizon tool; establishment of a computer model of your installation, diagnosis and optimisation for any type of scenario.
  • Thanks to its expertise, SDZ ProcessRéa has the necessary skills to meet the challenge of static and dynamic simulations of Process suppliers.
A couple examples


Railway system


Logistics platform

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