Goods-to-person order picking

The mechanization of order picking has many advantages, especially when the typical order profile requires a large number of picks from stock.

The concept of Goods-to-person (or Goods-to-man) automation consists of eliminating the need for operators to move during picking operations. The picker remains at a fixed station, while the goods are picked, sequenced and routed to him automatically.

This has many advantages:

  • Efficiency: a very high performance is made possible by the speed of the machines and the total elimination of travel time
  • Ergonomics and safety: the operators do not carry heavy loads and have an ergonomic workstation, which reduces the risk of accidents
  • Accuracy: the presence of a human-machine interface and decision support devices almost completely eliminates picking errors
  • Service commitment: orders are prioritized and sequenced by computer, allowing for excellent responsiveness

Numerous technical solutions meet the principle of Goods-to-person order picking. This is the case, for example, with:

  • Mini-Load or Mini-Transporter systems
  • station systems
  • AGVs for containers or shelves
  • horizontal or vertical carousels


As a Project Management Assistant, SDZ ProcessRéa assists its customers in :

  • the identification of the most appropriate technologies for their logistics flow
  • the detailed design of their system in connection with all the interfaces concerned (IT, civil engineering, etc.)
  • contracting and administrative engineering of their project
  • project management during the study and construction phases.

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