High Bay Storage
Elimination of risk for operators
Reduction of land costs
Limiting the artificialization of land
Energy savings (reduced volume, no lighting)
Transformability of the system in case of change
24/7 operation

The Automated High Bay Warehouse

The Automated High Bay Warehouse is a storage facility with a useful height of more than 20 metres. At these heights, pallets can no longer be handled by conventional forklifts, so stacker cranes are used to pick up and place the loads in the warehouse.

The densification of storage has many advantages:

  • Reducing the artificialisation of agricultural land and limiting the land costs of logistics
  • Improved performance thanks to the fast and continuous operation of the stacker cranes
  • Energy savings due to a reduction in volumes under controlled temperature and the absence of lighting
  • Elimination of the risk of accidents due to the absence of personnel in the storage aisles

As a Project Management Assistant, SDZ ProcessRéa assists its clients in :

  • identifying the most appropriate technologies for their logistics flow
  • the detailed design of their system in conjunction with all the relevant interfaces (IT, civil engineering, etc.)
  • contracting and administrative engineering of their project
  • project management in the study and construction phases

Our clients

SDZ is a member of the European Materials Handling Federation and of EVOLIS, the French professional organisation for capital goods.